Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cashing in on World Events - The Lunar Festival

So, you want to make some gold do you? Well look no further for the famous WoW World Event is here and is a great way to cash in on some easy gold, The Lunar Festival!

How can I make gold from the Lunar Festival Dollarbills???

Well reader, look no further for I have the answers!

Runecloth and Bolts of Runecloth

There are two patterns that you can buy from Fariel Starsong that cost 5 Coins of Ancestry each. The materials needed to craft these both require Bolts of Runecloth. If you do not have a tailor go check your AH for any cheap Runecloth, I suggest under 15g/stack and buyout all of these stacks and post at a higher price, this is just a basic flip but you are more likely to be able to sell at a decent rate with this festival going on!

If you have a tailor I suggest doing the above, except do NOT post. Turn all of your Runecloth into Bolts of Runecloth and sell, on my server a stack goes for 200g. That is a 140g profit per stack!

Festival Lantern 

This is the horde version of the Lunar Festival pet that is available for 50 Coins of Ancestry. This year I was lucky enough to have noticed that I kept ALL of my coins in my bank from previous years and was able to purchase 3 Festival Lanterns. These pets vary in price from the time of sale, at the moment I would assume that these pets are only going for 2k - 4k but can spike up to 20k in a few months time.

Elune Candles

But Dollarbills! These are unique, you can only have 1. Exactly, these Candles allow you to shoot fireworks at a target and people surprisingly DO buy these. You buy these candles for a few silver each and send to a bank alt or another alt that you are able to access. You buy 1, send 1 and repeat as many times you like. The trick is, that you can keep mail for 29 days and mail does not effect Unique Equip items. Therefore you can post all these items for a MUCH higher price as soon as the Lunar Festival ends!

For more information about how to get Coins of Ancestry check

Thanks for reading and best of luck with your Auctions!

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  1. Another tip with the Elune's Candle; you can have as many as you want in your guild bank!

    Great blog post though!

    1. Also, if you can get the other faction's version of the pet, they sell for even more!