Saturday, 8 February 2014

Making it BIG on Gold Street with... Jewelcrafting!

Hello Goblins!

So you have come to me looking to hit the jackpot on Gold Street. Well one of MANY way's is Jewelcrafting. I will go in-depth with how to maximise profit with this wonderful profession!

What you will need -

  • 600 Jewelcrafting
  • Around 2000g OR Mining
  • Guild Recruitment Helper - Click here
  •  TSM - Click Here

So to start off you want to grab a mass supply of Ghost Iron Ore - GIO. You can do this multiple ways, you can bark in trade chat with Guild Recruitment Helper for cheaper GIO or you can buy off the AH normally a bit more expensive but easy to get and mass supply. Once you have spent your gold on GIO you then want to prospect ALL of this GIO into gems / serpents eye's.

Now you have uncommon gems, rare gems and serpents eye's.

Rare Gems
With the rare gems you want to cut these into the MOST profitable gems on your server, you can find out how much profit you will make per gem with TSM (Check out Phatlewts video guide for TSM help) and craft the best gems for highest profit.

When crafting I personally craft a max of 10 gems of each cut and post 2 at a time, the reason being for 2 at a time is because then I can repost 5 times before I have to cancel and collect my gems to repeat the steps for the AH undercutting business.

Uncommon Gems
With your uncommon gems if you have Alchemy you want to be prospecting all of these into rare gems. Only do this if you can get your golden lotus for around 30 - 34g per (Around 600g/stack). This is a much better way to get the gems you need rather than hoping you get enough of the gems you need from prospecting. But is slightly more expensive depending on your server.

If you do not have Alchemy or a pal to help you out to transmute your gems you should look into your perfect cuts market. Find which perfect cut sells well and at a decent price and cut the uncommon green gems in hope for procs. Vendor ALL of the green gems you get and post your blue prefect cuts on the AH

Serpent's Eye's
You should be keeping ALL of your serpent's eye's and using these to craft the MoP JC gear (neck and rings) On my server this gear varies from 200g - 600g (With outliers at 2.3k but rarely sell). Because these are slow sellers I restock on these very slowly but I craft ALL the time. I send any excess to my enchant and disenchant for Ethereal Shards which I then use to make enchants.

You can also post these on the AH for a decent amount (Nothing crazy) if you do not have an enchanter and do not wish to craft gear, you should be able to get a decent profit out of this compared to vendor price. But be careful not to post the price too high otherwise nobody will buy them!

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